We are a family owned business, based in Paleros, Greece, active since 1962 in the dairy sector, and especially that of premium PDO Feta Cheese aged in wooden barrels.

"Our mission here at Dytiki is to preserve the traditional recipe, whilst applying modern production standards. This combination brings best-in-class products to our customers."

Othon Stachtiaris - CEO
Our CEO presenting PDO Feta cheese

Barrel Aging

After initial ripening, our artisan PDO Feta Cheese is aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of 3 months. The barrels are hand-crafted from beechwood in Metsovo, a traditional Greek mountain town in the Pindos area.


The aging process takes place in controlled temperature and humidity environment, achieving the texture and flavour that defines the uniqueness of our PDO Feta Cheese. The cheese is preserved in natural brine, and can be kept in refrigeration for a prolonged period of time, while it still matures but at a slower rate.

International Markets

From 1989, we export our Feta Cheese to the United States and from early 2000’s we export to Australia. We maintain presence in the Greek market, collaborating with delicatessens and selected stores.


Premium Dairy Products

Drone image of Dytiki dairy

We're Passionate About Quality

From the very start, we have been collecting local Greek sheep's and goats' milk, producing premium PDO Feta Cheese. Since then, we have been maintaining our traditional recipe, whilst standardising and enhancing our production quality through our modern facilties, built in 2002.

  • Our processes and quality control are certified in accordance to ISO 22000.
  • Our Feta Cheese is certified by Elgo Dimitra as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), under EU Law.
  • We have been approved by the US FDA via inspection of our facility and processes.

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Feta Cheese is made from 100% Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk, and ripens in brine.

To be a PDO cheese, Feta must meet certain criteria:

  • To originate from mainland Greece and the island of Lesvos.
  • Only to be made from Greek sheep’s and goat’s milk, with sheep milk proportion of at least 70% and goat to a maximum of 30%.
  • To be made only from Greek sheep breeds, which feed on the local flora of each region, mainly in free range pastures.
  • To have a predefined minimum fat and a maximum moisture content.
  • To mature for at least 2 months in wooden barrels or tin cans.

Our Values

Our mission is to deliver to you the highest quality PDO Feta Cheese, made with love and care. We do not cut corners, nor sacrifice the quality of your enjoyment and the wellness of our goods.
Entering the new millennium we invested in an advanced cheeseplant, capable of sustaining our production needs for years to come. Adhering to our inherited recipes and aging methods, we are able to provide artisan PDO Feta Cheese true to tradition, while achieving the volume and production consistency of modernity.
We build long-term relationships with our producers and customers. We stick by our word, and cater for their needs on a personal level. Being a family owned business, nothing is more important than our relations with the people we work with.
For us to thrive, we must understand the trends that shape our business and prepare for the future. We always welcome feedback in bettering ourselves.
We are committed to sourcing milk from local producers. We procure local talent and provide training, experience and international exposure to our personnel.

Getting In Touch With Us

You are always welcome at our offices, and you can reach us by phone or email

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